Bon Mort Vivant Poster

Bon Mort Vivant 2011

You will never have experienced anything like this before. A unique fusion of burlesque and belly dance sensuality with the physicality of martial arts and acrobatics, all wrapped up in comedy to revive that spark of life. Come prepared for an audience inclusive cabaret, complete with manic demons, seductive witches, zombie apocalypse survival tips, cheerleaders, laughter and lashings of light-hearted fun.

Bon Mort Vivant, the third Silver Circle Productions Ltd show, draws on the successes of the inaugural 2009 Fringe Festival ‘1001 Knight’s and 2010 ‘Joie de Vivre’ shows and combines the talents of many very experienced performance artists, stunt fighters, and entertainers with stunning belly dancers, daring acrobats and other amusing personalities. A vaudeville review to celebrate life, death, unlife, fun, sensuality, difference, darkness and friends is in the laboratory, and in March our creature will be BORN!

This show is dedicated to lovers of life and laughter; aficionados of wit, charm and wicked fun; those who delight in play, and anyone who has joyfully joined the struggle against the mundane.

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