Dystopian Dreams Poster

Dystopian Dreams 2014

Silver Circle returns to the Rose Centre in February to explore a dystopian society where oppression and dehumanisation are the norm. A splash of colour breaks the spell, creating crisis and rebellion, and the citizens struggle to decide on where they want to sit on the scale between freedom and control. Simultaneously challenging and cheeky, inspiring and entertaining, these talented performers will bring a not-so-impossible future to life in front of your eyes.

Dystopian Dreams is Silver Circle’s fifth production, building on it’s impressively successful 6 year history as a community circus. From acrobats to dancers to aerialists, the skills have gone up another notch including both new performers and the usual suspects. The show embodies contemporary circus, by combining traditional trained circus techniques with theatrical elements.

Come prepared for a dynamic and unique production that will challenge, astonish and captivate you and your friends. Keep an open mind, join in the fun, and you won’t regret it!